About us

We are situated in the town of Haleiwa on the north shore of Oahu.  The town is about a one-hour drive from the bustling Waikiki / Honolulu area and the waters offshore are teaming with adventure and life. We have a fleet of four custom built motor vessels to provide the utmost comfort and safety on our adventures. Our seasoned captains and crew are stewards of the ocean and are excited to share bounds of knowledge as well as provide a safe and enjoyable experience.  Our shark tours operate every day of the year except Christmas day.  Our whale tours operate during the peek of whale season from January through March.  Our turtle tours operate during the summer months of June through August.

Who we are

Joe Pavsek has a life-long attachment to the sea. He has surfed and dove in the Haleiwa area for over 30 years. He’s had a diving boat in Haleiwa Harbor since 1975. He has worked on aircraft salvage recovery in Hawaiian waters. He was featured on television’s “Let’s Go Fishing” numerous times. He has also appeared on Japanese television. North Shore Shark Adventures was developed by Joe at the suggestion of his friends. In his other life, Joe is a private investigator and artist. His works are on display at galleries in Honolulu and Tahoe.

Joe Pavsek, Owner

Crew Member Matt Guilfoyle

Captain Dave Roberts

Captain Mike Germain

Captain Mack Paborca

Captain Dave Cunningham

Captain Dave Borgman