SO MUCH FUN! The guides were really funny and cracked a lot of jokes the whole time. It’s a thrilling adventure to be in the water with the sharks, but you feel completely safe the whole time. We got some really great footage on our underwater camera, and the time you get in the cage is perfect. Enough to take in the whole experience and see a bunch of sharks, and not so long that you get tired. One of the best experiences we had on our trip!

Ryan George
So much fun! Reese & Martin were great guides and made everyone feel welcome on the boat. Masks & snorkels are provided. We saw about 14-15 Galapagos sharks during our dive, even with choppy waters and a little bit of rain. Totally worth it and an amazing life experience!
Chelsea Merta

How many people you know that can say they have been in a shark cage? We can and it’s a really good way to see the sharks up close in super ultra clear water. Really safe, lots of sharks and great crew. The crew worked hard in a safe way to make it a very memorable experience for us. Thumbs up!!!

Randy Merta

This tour was so much fun! Marden and Tanja were great crew members and not only did I get up close and personal with sharks, I also learned a lot about them. We sprung for the video package they offer ($75) and it was way worth it. Definitely a must-do!

Tara Hiatt

Awesome time. It was me an my dad an son all in the cage together we had so much I would recommend this place it was a great experience I would go back again and again

Jennifer Y. – Kailua, HI

One of the best experiences of my life. If you’re even hesitating for a second, JUST DO IT! It is completely worth every pretty penny in your bank account. Also it’s a plus because it’s right near the shrimp trucks so you can enjoy delicious shrimp after you see some awesome sharks.

Tiff C. – San Francisco, CA